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Sundance Lumber Company has been manufacturing and distributing wholesale wood stakes  for the agricultural  industry for over 40 years.  We are a leading stake supplier for almond tree stakes, walnut tree stakes, pistachio tree stakes.   We manufacture nursery stakes,  landscape , &  tree stakes.  Sundance Lumber also provides posts and stakes for the vineyard and vine crop lumber.

Our lumber yard is located at  3960 El Dorado Road in Placerville, CA for the past 20 years we offer Redwood, Cedar and Composite Decking at Wholesale direct prices.  We probably are the only ones who sell a decking material for Under a $1.00 Lineal Ft.  We usually inventory Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar, and the strongest cedar in North America "Port Orford Cedar" We also carry a few cedar siding products at huge discounts.   Call us today and see what specials we have Phone:  530-677-6700 for one of our Lumber Experts.

  • Tree Stakes and Posts
  • Vineyards Stakes & Posts
  • Vinyl Horse Fence
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  • Redwood Decking & Fence
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  • Cedar Siding
  • Wood Corral Fence

  • Redwood 
  • Used Railroad Ties.
  • Vineyard Posts.
  • Lodgepole Stakes
  • 2"x8' Tree Stakes
  • 2"x10' Tree Stakes